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About Pronova | Responsibility

With a tenacious commitment to product quality, our solutions empower healthcare organizations, professionals and consumers to meet the most pressing healthcare challenges, improve patient safety and ensure optimal outcomes. We use that same tenacity that drives us to give back, help where we can, or help facilitate the work of others to help people in need. Since 1995 and 2001, Seyer Pharmatec and Pronova Corporation respectively, have donated hundreds of thousands of medicines in the forms of capsules, tablets, soft gels and liquids benefiting charitable organizations in Haiti, Dominican Republic, throughout Central America, as well as here the United States. Our employees have also volunteered their time and orchestrated successful medicine, food and clothes drives in conjunction with physicians and medical centers in the US and in Puerto Rico.

Donated cisterns in Port au Prince, Haiti
Nurse from Miami boosts the spirits of some kids at the mission in Guatemala.
Nurses in the pediatric ward vaccinate children free of charge.
A recent outbreak of cholera in Haiti is in check thanks to the great work of Gheskio.
The National Palace one year after The Earthquake
Market where a lot of the donated clothes is being dispatched
A year later, the majority still find themselves in tent cities
Neurological center in Guatemala is to improve the quality of life for children with neurological disorders, their parents and siblings.
Water trucks deliver 'fresh' potable water daily.
Dust masks are dispensed to help reduce the incidence of respiratory problems.