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Return Goods Policy

This policy document serves as notification of PRONOVA CORPORATION’s current policy for the return of brand pharmaceutical products purchased from PRONOVA CORPORATION, Authorized Distributors and Providers, including licensed pharmacies and other entities licensed to dispense PRONOVA CORPORATION products. Returns will not be accepted from other entities.
Procedure for Returning Items
Customers are required to email or fax Debit Memos to PRONOVA CORPORATION for assignment of a return authorization number and the address of where to mail the return. PRONOVA CORPORATION Customer Service number is 1-866-703-3508.

• Payment of transportation for returns must be prepaid.
• All products returned must meet eligibility criteria stated below.
• The return authorization form, including authorization number, must be included with the shipment.
• All customer Debit Memos must contain:

• Origination name and mailing address
• Debit memo number
• Lot Number of
• Expiration Date
• Quantity

• Failure to provide any or all of the required information may result in the return being disallowed and destroyed.
• PRONOVA CORPORATION cannot be responsible for shipments lost in transit.
• After customer has received the return authorization number and the address of where the return should be mailed, the customer should send the product along with the Debit Memo and return authorization number to the assigned warehouse within 14 days. After 14 days, the customer must receive a new return authorization number.
• Reference the Return Authorization number on all documentation.
• Credit will not be issued if the above procedures are not followed.

Products Eligible for Return

• Expired Products within six (6) months prior to and twelve (12) months past expiration date.
• All products must be returned in full, unopened, original PRONOVA CORPORATION Packages.
• Damaged products must be accompanied by signed delivery receipt (bill of lading) from the carrier. The carrier should complete inspection report. Credit for damage will be issued upon receipt of the merchan dise in the warehouse.
• Overages (customer receives product not on original purchase order) and Shortages (customer does not receive product that was on original purchase order and is not backordered) must be reported to PRONOVA CORPORATION within 5 days of delivery to customer. Credit will not be issued and deductions will be billed back to the customer and due upon receipt of invoice if overages and shortages are not reported to PRONOVA CORPORATION within 5 days of delivery to customer.

Non-Returnable Goods

• Items involved by insurable catastrophes such as fire, smoke etc. or involved in sacrifice, salvage, bank ruptcy or fire sales. Uninsurable catastrophes will be considered on the individual merits of each situation.
• Items purchased on a non-returnable basis.
• Products not expired (greater than 6 months dating) OR items more than one (1) year past expiration date.
• No partial containers of products or any product that has been repacked.
• Forms only returns (i.e. merchandise must be received to receive a return credit).
• Non-approved returns as directed by PRONOVA CORPORATION.
• If a customer signs the freight bill and/or bill of lading “STC-Subject to count”, PRONOVA CORPORATION will not be responsible for any overages or shortages found at a later date. Credit will not be issued and if deducted the deduction will be billed back to the customer and due upon receipt of invoice.

Valuation of Returns

• Product returned with 6 months or less dating prior to expiration date or product within (1) year after expiration date would be given full credit.
• Credit will be issued based upon the lower of current WAC1 less any cash discount/applicable fee or PRONOVA CORPORATION’s original invoice price with the direct customer.
• Customers are prohibited from deducting based on debit memo amounts without prior approval of such transaction from PRONOVA CORPORATION. Debit memos are often estimated and not formally considered valid by PRONOVA CORPORATION therefore should not be deducted from future payments to PRONOVA CORPORATION.


• PRONOVA CORPORATION reserves the right to verify all returns to make certain that they conform to this policy.
• PRONOVA CORPORATION reserves the right to promptly destroy all merchandise returned that is not eligible for credit or exchange.
• PRONOVA CORPORATION does not allow any customer to destroy PRONOVA CORPORATION products. Credit will not be given to customers who PRONOVA CORPORATION products.
• Transportation charges, including insurance, are the responsibility of the customer.
• PRONOVA CORPORATION will only give credit in the form of a credit memo. Credit in the form of a refund check will not be given.
• PRONOVA CORPORATION Representatives are not authorized to remove any products from any place of business regardless of the reason for return.
• This Return Goods Policy is subject to change by PRONOVA CORPORATION at any time and without prior notice to other parties.
• 1 Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) as published by First DataBank, represents the manufacturer’s (includes manufacturers, repackagers, private labelers, and other suppliers) published catalog of list price for drug product to wholesalers as reported by First DataBank by the manufacturer. WAC does not represent actual transaction prices and does not include prompt pay or other discounts, rebates or reductions in price.