Marketing Channels

Pronova offers our strategic partners unique marketing channels to promote their products. In the ever changing healthcare environment, Pronova has always evolved to provide unique and rich interfaces with our customers utilizing technology and market advancements. The iReach program provides a sophisticated, cost effective, compliant approach to health care education and promotion.

iReach Marketing Channel
The iReach program is an interactive marketing & promotional channel that is unique to Pronova. The iReach program utilizes current technology as well as leverages recent shifts in the market place to interface with HCP using web based tools. Our iReach Specialists will call on customers by means of a virtual sales call. We have the ability to quadruple the activity per iReach Specialist versus a traditional field based sales force representative. In addition, they can adhere to regulations and promotional guidelines. The iReach Specialists are centrally located which affords the virtual territories the ability to cover large geographies that are not limited by time zones or long commute times. Some situations where an iReach Promotional channel makes sense:

- High number of targets/low volume per target
- Where low deciles are not cost effective for field rep to engage
- Loss of rep coverage/ ancillary coverage
- Depletion of marketing funding
- Erosion of unit, dollar sales or market share
- Exposed to generic competition – but brand was or is still viewed as superior
- Markets where unique managed care advantages exist
- Geographically challenging market(s)
- White Space Coverage
- Customer segmentation